Our promise

When you purchase a certified InBlue system, we promise not only that you will get a solution that operates at a significantly lower cost than a standard filtration system but you will also keep your customers healthy – and your own image greener.

Save 50% on operating costs

Get the lowest operating cost in the industry. An InBlue solution won’t cost you more money to buy and can even save you at least 50% in operating costs compared to any other conventional solution.

Get pure clean blue water

It´s a known fact, that the environment in our swimming pools is less than optimal. We, and especially our children can suffer from asthma, red eyes, coughing and general discomfort caused by dangerous chlorine by-products formed from human remains like sweat, skin cells and urine. An InBlue system will greatly reduce chlorine consumption and traces of unwanted particles/by-products.

Clean warm odorless air

InBlue not only gives your pool facility pure blue water with a minimum of chlorine – it also gives your facility clean warm odorless air. When human remains and gaseous by-products are continuously removed, fewer by-products will be formed and are present in the water. Since most by-products in the water diffuse through the surface into the recreative environment, less by-products in the water means less by-products in the air. Also the inBlue ventilation approach focused on by-product removal, contributes greatly to the experience.   

InBlue responsiblity

Be part of the InBlue responsibility. With an InBlue system you are contributing to a healthier future - safeguarding the planet. You will be part of reducing toxic emissions and targeting responsible next generation goals. Inblue offers a “good for business, good for environment” approach.   

Contact us and get more information on how you can get a certified InBlue system today.



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Did you know
Chlorine does not smell. The typical smell of chlorine in pools is the dangerous bBy-product trichloramine that is formed when urine is chlorinated.