inBlue and the Founder & CEO Ole Gronborg, Ph.D. featured in the recent publication of Whitepaper on Recreational Water published by ‘State of Green’ Denmark.    

Since 2010 an official initiative to position Denmark as a powerhouse of knowledge on water has been on its way under the branding name: “Denmark Knows Water”. The branding initiative is a public/private partnership and is now the gateway to access knowledge within various fields of expertise from both the public and private sector in Denmark. Mr. Ole Gronborg and inBlue has played a key role in creating the latest whitepaper: Recreational Water.
The market for swimming pools and water parks is trending towards larger, more advanced pools with higher temperatures and more resource intensive features leading to an increased use of water, energy and chemicals. This involves the risk that operating cost to go through the roof as the utility costs are increasing. And as facility manager you are constantly under pressure to do more with less. In Scandinavia the inBlue concept for designing aquatic facilities has become industry standard. The whitepaper describes how you, by redesigning the water treatment system, typically can save 50-60% in water consumption compared to traditional system. It also describes how upgrading the water treatment system leads to energy savings of typically 50%. Besides the hard dollar saving on the utility cost, the design concept is insuring much fewer harmful chlorine by-products, and the shift to the new technology provides up to 30% savings in the use of chlorine. 
The inBlue design principles has been implemented in 50+ pools throughout Scandinavia and the principles is now adopted as industry standards – therefore it was only natural for RethinkWater to turn go scientist Mr. Gronborg and have inBlue become a major contributor for this exciting publication. 
To download the whitepaper on Recreational Water click here.  

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Did you know
The German DIN standard is the strictest in the world. It allows a minimum of 0.3 to a maximum of 0.6 mg/l free chlorine in public competition pools. A maximum of 0.2 mg/l combined chlorine and THM.