Founder of the inBlue solution, Ole Gronborg, Ph.D, will speak at the World Aquatic Health™ Conference October 2014 in Portland Oregon  

For the second time the founder and CEO of inBlue will speak on the important topic of developing the healthiest swimming conditions possible. 
Since Mr. Gronborg spoke at the NSPF World Aquatic Health™ Conference in New Orleans a few years back, the solution continues to improve and currently is 50+ facilities throughout Scandinavia installed with the inBlue design principles and the principles has been adopted as industry standards. 
During a trip to the USA earlier this year, Mr. Gronborg had the possibility to visit with NSPF, and the President Tom Lachocki offered Mr. Gronborg the opportunity to speak at the conference and update the audience on the developments in the technology. 
You will be able to learn more about the actual technology and how the drum filter, UV and THM stripper have revolutionized the Scandinavian market in the section of ‘New Industry Technology’ – which will be taking place Friday morning. This is a natural follow up on a brief intro on Thursday under ‘Facility Management’ where Mr. Gronborg will demonstrate how facilities can save up to 50% on their O&M cost. 
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Ole Grønborg spoke about Facility Management & New Industry Technology at WAHC

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inBlue speaking at World Aquatic Health Conference October 2014

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Did you know
German national health authorities issued a declaration in 2011 recommending families with a history of allergies to avoid taking their babies and children below the age of 2 years old to chlorinated pools.