New large-scale water park in Malmö Hyllie - 7 water treatment systems

inBlue Sweden is during 2013 and 2014 constructing one of the largest water parks in Scandinavia. All inBlue´s new and innovative technologies will be operating in the Hyllie basement.

The Hyllie water park will be state-of-the-art with a remarkable chlorine by-product free indoor environment. At the same time, operating cost savings will set new standards. Hyllie Water Park will be the most energy and water efficient system in the world. Hyllie Water Park is located near the first exit entering Sweden from Copenhagen making it an attractive excursion also for Danes.

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inBlue speaking at World Aquatic Health Conference October 2014

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Did you know
Chlorine does not smell. The typical smell of chlorine in pools is the dangerous bBy-product trichloramine that is formed when urine is chlorinated.