InBlue behind water filtration at World Expo in Shanghai

The original bronze statue of The Little Mermaid, which normally sits in Copenhagen harbor, was transported to Shanghai, China to promote Denmark's participation in the 2010 World Expo. The 175 kilogram (385-pound) four-foot-tall statue by Edvard Eriksen was inspired by a character created by Hans Christian Andersen in his 1837 fairy tale. It has been one of Denmark's main tourist attractions since 1913.

inBlue Water Treatment Technologies was chosen by the Danish government and Bjarke Ingels Group to provide filtration of the water in the harbor pool in which the statue was the centerpiece. The public was allowed access to the pool.

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Did you know
The main load of particles left behind in pools is dead skin cells. We shed daily around 1 million skin cells from the top skin layer called the “Stratum Corneum”. 3.6 kilos / year. Activity accelerates loss of skin cells.