No ”chlorine” smell

When Helsingorg Swimming Club started planning the new Filborna Swimming Arena, a collaboration with inBlue was chosen from the very beginning of the project. Elite swimmers know better than anyone else how chlorine by-products affect the human organism. Out of all the national team swimmers worldwide 25-50% are using asthmatic medication regularly!

Filborna Arena went all the way and Helsingborg Swimming Club today (2011) are inBlue's most advanced facility in Sweden. It also has a unique system for the ventilation of the pool surface developed in collaboration with inBlue.

With inBlue technology, Helsingborg Swimming Club also achieves the lowest operating costs possible. The saving is 50% in comparison with other modern facilities.

Filborna Arena was consequently chosen to host the 2012 Swedish Swimming Championships SM2012. Many of the sportmen who competetd noted and were enthusiastic about the good water and air quality they experienced. 

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Did you know
Chlorine does not smell. The typical smell of chlorine in pools is the dangerous bBy-product trichloramine that is formed when urine is chlorinated.